As an Olympic skier there is no one better suited to design women's skiwear.

As a two-time Olympian, U.S. National Super-G Champion and an 11 year member of the women's U.S. National Alpine Ski team, I've lived and learned about what works for performance, what feels warm and what looks great. SAVINE grew out of a passion for textiles and an eye for beautiful aesthetics, not to mention the world of ski slopes.

SAVINE is an innovative sport fashion brand built on the foundation of versatile women's luxury ski basics. SAVINE's clothes are meant to move with you through well thought out multi-directional stretch fabric choices and quality construction. SAVINE focuses on flattering silhouettes, harmonious color combinations, and original artwork. When you're schussing the slopes, bombing to the grocery store, picking up the kids, meeting up for apres ski, or just chillin' on the couch, SAVINE's clothes are meant to make you feel feminine, confident, and connected.

The name SAVINE revealed itself in the most discreetly conspicuous way. At the time, my 4-year-old daughter had given that name to one of her imaginary friends. It sounded like a real word, so I looked it up, and found that it is a type of European evergreen tree. It had a melodic flow to it, pretty, feminine and kind of French. So it stuck.